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Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace follows the national curriculum. As a private school, EPSI is a bilingual school. This means pupils are able to speak and both French and English as international languages as well as their mother tongue –Kinyarwanda.

From Primary 1 to Primary 2, the courses are taught in French. English is taught in these two levels as a second language. From Primary 3 to Primary 6, the courses are taught in English as French becomes a second language. In all levels (P1-P6), Kinyarwanda is a core course.

Besides following the national curriculum, as a Jesuit school, EPSI follows the tradition of Jesuit education. Among some elements of this education, here are key illustrations:

* The Jesuit education that EPSI follows seeks to form men and women for others

* It manifests a particular concern for the poor

* It strives to be an apostolic instrument in the service of the Church as it serves society. Here we do accommodate pupils of different religions and Christian denominations. However, we do stick to our catholic identity and heritage.

* It prepares students for active participation in the Church and in the local community, all this for the service of others

* With the emphasis on the Magis, this education seeks to pursue both human and academic excellence.


We welcome all pupils to our school except in P6. Here are the requirements for admission at EPSI (These requirements are in French and English). You will find here the registration form. For the admission in P1, this should be remembered: we admit a kid who has completed the age of 6 years or will have completed it at the beginning of the school year. The registration happens in the first week of the third term, and the dates are usually communicated towards the end of the second term.


- L’attestation de naissance (du secteur) et certificat médical

- Photocopie de l’assurance vie

- Deux  photos passeport

- Les  bulletins  des 3 années  de l’école maternelle (original  et photocopie)

- Dix mille francs d’inscription versé aux comptes 040-0445039-36 (BK) intitulé Compagnie de Jésus / Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace ou  04-01390060773-62 dans la  COGEBANQUE, intitulé Ecole Primaire EPSI

- Photocopie des cartes  d’identité  des parents ou des tuteurs

N.B: Pour être admis en première année, l’élève doit avoir complété 6 ans au début de l'année scolaire

- De la 2e en 5e année, les enfants font un test d’admission en la date qui sera communiquée à la fin de l’année scolaire. Les bulletins de fin d’année sont apportés à la direction de l’école aussi tôt que possible. Le test d’admission est toujours prévu au mois de décembre, après la clôture de l’année scolaire.


- Birth certificate and medical certificate

- A copy of health insurance for the kid

- Two passport photos

- A copy of the current school report

- Ten thousand of registration fees deposited in:

                        Bank of Kigali: Account n° 040-0445039-36

                       Account Name: CJR/Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace


             COGEBANQUE: Account n° 04-01390060773-62

             Account name: Ecole Primaire EPSI

- Copy of the parents’ or guardians’ ID.

- To be admitted to P1, the kid must have at least 6 years at the beginning of the new school year.

From P2 to P5, the kids pass the admission test which will be communicated by the school authorities at the end of the school year. End of year reports are brought to school administration as soon as possible. The entrance tests are scheduled in December after the completion of the school year.


EPSI does not only focus on academics. We have various extracurricular activities. These include traditional dance, debate club, choir, creativity club and environment club. We do also organize sports, for the staff and students as well as for neighbouring schools.