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Extra Activities


Sport is not only for fun here at Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace. Sport is also a channel through which learners are educated morally, socially, intellectually, and physically.

To begin with moral education, moral values are transplanted into learners through games by sharing different moods and positive behavior. Sport helps learners to develop love, teamwork, cooperation, solidarity, sociability, empathy, and enthusiasm. This is justified by the fact that learners can share the joy when their team wins and sorrow when they lose. Another common example is that most learners who share the same game are likely to extend their friendship even in their daily interactions besides games. This stimulates their friendship, understanding, and helping one another in their academic as well as social lives.

On the other hand, sport is the best tool for accelerating the learners’ mental process. That is very useful because everyone goes to school for intellectual development. If children study without time for relaxation, they don’t retain what they learn for a long time. They need sport in order to cool the brain and stir up their thinking.  This is why we often have common sport at break time.

Sport strengthens muscles and bones. It is by this that physical education is impossible without sport. Children’s growth is identified when they change the height and weight and, but better if they are also strong. Strength is the outcome of physical exercise which is practiced during sport. Sport helps blood to circulate normally in the body too; it is the natural vaccine of non-communicable diseases.

Basically, our school promotes sports activities in order to shape learners’ physical and mental fitness in order to stimulate learning ability through active participation, critical thinking, and reinforce team-work among learners and teachers. In addition to daily sports at break time, the school has a massive sport every first Saturday of the month.