Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace follows the national curriculum. As a private institution, EPSI is a bilingual school. This means pupils are able to speak both French and English as international languages as well as their mother tongue –Kinyarwanda.

From Primary 1 to Primary 2, the courses are taught in French. English is taught in these two levels as a second language. From Primary 3 to Primary 6, the courses are taught in English as French becomes a second language. In all levels (P1-P6), Kinyarwanda is core course.

Besides following the national curriculum, as a Jesuit school, EPSI follows the tradition of the Jesuit education. Among some elements of this education, here are key illustrations:

- The Jesuit education that EPSI follows seeks to form men and women for others

- It manifests a particular concern for the poor

- It strives to be an apostolic instrument in the service of the Church as it serves society. Here we do accommodate pupils of different religions and Christian denominations. However, we do stick on our catholic identity and heritage.

- It prepares students for active participation in the Church and in the local community, all this for the service of others

With the emphasis on the Magis, this education seeks to pursue both human and academic excellence.

Exams and Assessments

Assessments at EPSI are done through monthly tests and end of term exams. After each monthly test, an evaluation takes place to analyse the results of each pupils and to look for better and better ways of educating our pupils. At the end of the school year, after deliberation, passing from one class to the next in Primary One requires the pupils to obtain at least 70% of total annual average marks without a failure in any major course. In Primary One, less than 70% and not below 50%, pupils repeat the class. From Primary Two onward, pupils are required to obtain at least 65% of total annual average marks without a failure in any major course to pass from one class to another.  Pupils who have below 50% are discontinued.