Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace opened its doors on the 4th of February 2008 with 130 pupils (52 girls and 78 boys). The latter limited number corresponded to the opening of five classrooms: two classrooms for Primary one, two classrooms for Primary two and one classroom for Primary three. The school started with 30 pupils by classroom. This structure of formation was organized in a pyramidal order to preserve the quality of teaching and to allow the selection of the best pupils. Gradually the school opened each year two new classrooms to complete the primary cycle which was achieved in 2011. Some of those who finished Primary 6 at that moment were the founding students of Saint Ignatius High School. They finished high school in 2017.

The school which started with a limited number of pupils managed to build more classrooms due to a growing number of inscriptions. With the completion of a new building that houses 8 classrooms, 1 staff room, a library, sacristy for the chapel, and two offices (for the administrator and the accountant), all the planned classrooms are completed. We hope that by 2022, each level of primary school will have 4 classrooms.

The school started with a slightly bigger number of boys. Gradually, the number of girls surpassed the number of boys. As of now, we are a community of 664 pupils (325 boys and 339 girls). All these pupils are in 20 classrooms. Each classroom can accommodate up to 34 pupils.

The School Motto

The motto of the school is “Tous frères et sœurs, pour servir” roughly translated as ‘All brothers and sisters for service’

 The School Logo

The logo contains an image of an adult person on a blue background, holding a child leaned on an open book. The logo contains also the motto and the name of the school between two concentric cycles, separated on either side by a small cross (Christian character of the school) whose upper part is a flame (light for others).

The symbol stands for a form of Christianity of the crux ansata of the pharaohs which symbolizes the key of life (education for intelligence and wisdom), the fullness, (femininity and masculinity, girls and boys), the key of the Nile (in Rwanda, to the source of the Nile). The symbol represents also the vowel « i », the initial letter for Ignatius, the patron saint of the school. 

In 2019, the school has the following staff members:


  • Father Jean Damascène BAVUGAYABO, SJ: School administrator
  • Marie MUKABAYIRO: Headmistress
  • Clotilde NYINAWABAHIZI: Secretary
  • Madeleine MUKAMANA: Accountant
  • Christelle MASHEMA: Procurement Officer
  • Yves TUYISHIMIRE: Media and Library Officer 

Teaching Staff

Primary 1

  1. UWAMAHORO Chantal
  2. MUNGANYIKA Marie Providence
  4. BAMURANGE Marie   Rose
  5. MUKANKURANGA Catherine

Primary 2  

  1. KIYOYA Consolée
  2. MWINJA Noëlla
  3. UWAMALIYA Clarisse
  4. DUSABYEMARIYA Josephine
  5. SINDIKUBWABO Jean d’Amour  

Primary 3

  2. DUSABIYAREMYE Marie Claire
  3. UJENEZA Pierre Célestin
  5. UFITINSHUTI Ildebrande

Primary 4

  1. MUBERUKA Immaculée
  2. IYAMUREMYE Sylvestre
  3. HAKIZIMANA Ernest
  4. UKWUBASHYE Placide

Primary 5

  1. MUKARURANGWA Apollonie
  2. MUKANGABONZIZA Léopoldine
  3. UKWISHATSE Jean de Dieu           
  4. DUSABE Jean Damascène

Primary 6

  1. MUKABYAGAJU Béatrice
  2. NYIRINGABO Venant
  4. RUTAYISIRE Jean Bosco

Support staff

  1. GAHONZIRE Jeannette 
  2. HATEGEKIMANA Jean Claude
  4. MANIRIHO Jean Baptiste
  5. MUKAKAMANZI Philomene
  7. ISHIMWE Cyriaque
  8. NIYODUSENGA Vedaste
  9. KARANGWA Théogène
  10. MUJAWAYEZU Alphonsine
  11. RURANGWA Jean Paul
  12. NKUSI Ildephonse
  13. TWAGIRAYEZU Daniel
  14. TWINE Shalifu
  15. HATEGEKIMANA Telesphore
  16. MUKABAHIZI Agnès
  18. MUKAYISENGA Yvette